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That's Dr Blog to you.

Chuck Shotton buys into DW's "bite the hand that just saved your life" meme in Doctors vs. Geeks

Unfortunately, geeks have done too good a job of simplifying what they do for users, hiding the complexities of the systems they build, and their ultimate value to society...Geeks do a job that is likely far more important to the safety and welfare of a larger number of people than the medical profession does. They just do it in a quiet, unassuming way that doesn't require elevating individual accomplishment. And people do take it for granted. That should be a tribute to the geeks for a job well done.

But I couldn't help comparing and contrasting this unassuming bit of understated, yet massive egotism with this:

Rage against the Machines

Chuck, get over yourself already. For those of you keeping score: technologists are more important than journalists, and now doctors. I expect lawyers to be coming up strong any day now. Or maybe they're just a given. The sad thing is, I'm a technologist myself and I can't believe the arrogance of these nerts.


Geeks do a more important service than THE MEDICAL PROFESSION?

Clear case of rectal-cranial inversion, doctor. I recommend breaking out the scalpel.