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Accident prone

In other non-hating-America-so-much-your-eyeballs-begin-to-bleed-from-the-pressure-of-it-all (try searching for that on Google and see what you get) news, I have managed to injure myself again. Stepping from a cab to the curb the night before last, my body decided to achieve a yoga posture commonly known as "folding the ankle backwards underneath." Said ankle, the right, responded by doing a passable imitation of a bonsai softball (which I guess would be a baseball, come to think of it). I am working from home with a blueice on my ankle and pledging to never again anger the transportation tiki gods - I either take the subway or ride my bike from now on. Probably riding the bike, given the current war status.


Sounds like an inversion. It's is a very common volleyball injury. It might be good to use one of these as you regain strength there. Also, be careful, because it's much easier to reinjure yourself after you've done it once. I know cause I've done it twice...