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Brookstone's poor customer service

This past Christmas, I bought my wife a Tempurpedic pillow from Brookstone. When I bought the pillow, I made the mistake of opting in to their email newsletter. Well, I've been getting it ever since, and when I found myself writing a procmail rule to move it to the trash, I realized it was time to unsubscribe. So. Standard procedure, right? Scroll to bottom of newsletter to find the instructions for unsubscribing.

There weren't any. Just links to request a catalog.

OK, off to the website. See the sign up for our newsletter form. Look for a corresponding link about the newsletter, maybe leading to an unsubscribe link. None. Click on customer service. Click on "Contact us." Generic "send us a message" form. Click on FAQs. No "I want to unsubscribe from the email newsletter" question. Finally, click on "Policies." Buried in small type is the following:

The information you supply to us is added to our customer database. We may also send you catalogs or emails to inform you of new products, services and special offers, special promotions or upcoming events. If you do not want to receive such mailings or e-mails from us, please click here.

Which link takes you BACK to the generic "send us a message" form, where you now know you can fill it out with the message "Take me off your mailing list." Followed by "I will never buy anything from your company again."