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Sheer fucking genius

Weblogging just got its Lester Bangs.

EmptyBottle.org: Never Mind The Bollocks, Here's The Wonderchicken

It is the rising current of feeling that weblogs aren't a party (or aren't journalism, or aren't a floor wax, or aren't a dessert topping), that they're something important and serious, that is seriously harshing my buzz. "Let's all take this more seriously", is the message I get from far too many these days, "because then, well, what I do must be Serious Stuff, right? We're all adults here, aren't we?"

Stop it, you bastards.

Your $500 blog conferences, your NeckFlex For President consultancies, your sad tawdry whoredances with the old media moronocracy devil, your repetitive linkery to the same tired wanna-be self-declared pundits you met at the last convention, your careful management of a media face that is, in the end, marketable, it makes me want to puke. It kills the spirit of this thing that I was so in love with, and turns it, as avarice and self-regard always does, to shit.

We'll be forming a BOF to discuss this at O'Reilly MasturbTech next month, if we can figure out how to distinguish it from the other conferences.

Go read this.


Oh frelling wow. That's an amazing piece of work.

Pardon me, I must go link this. Wow.