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In which programmers have families.

From Slashdot, Parenting and a Career in Coding?

Some interesting posts, though it skirts the age discrimination in IT issue. Also features the obligatory 20-something complaint about carrying the family man. Worth a look.


I was planning to move on after my previous post, but this is another example.

If you get your news and views from Slashdot, you're pretty hosed to begin with. This issue is no exception.

Coders as parents, now THAT'S just an AMAZING STORY-LINE... Who would-a thunk such-a thang was even possible...?!?

Sheesh. I'm not a parent, but know kids raised by coders and their parents. I "raised" kids as a coder/manager. No biggie.

I can't get over how lame things are that some think is SO worthy of a look.