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Gillmor gang indeed

If RSS ain't broke... | Tech News on ZDNet

See how many gladhanding, namedropping shoutouts you can find in this latest conflict-ridden (now with no disclosure!) advertorial puffball from RSS cheerleader and "tech journalist" Steve Gillmor.


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I'm not stupid and I know all the technologies and people referenced, but I read this recent article by Steve Gillmor and I haven't the foggiest what he's trying to communicate. He begins about the recent fooflah with Robert Scoble and the attack... [Read More]


Steve Gillmor's piece is labeled as commentary -- a piece where a personal opinion is expressed. What would you expect him to disclose that he isn't disclosing?

IMHO, Steve Gillmor's piece was informative and accurate, which is more useful than many other opinion pieces, PR spins or snappy comments on other topics elsewhere.