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Blog hagiography

Yet another echo chamber puff piece on St Jeff the Populist:

Blogoland: A piece on Jeff Jarvis, blogger

Mr. Jarvis's ire has been extended to some of his readers as well. On his blog in August, he expressed his outrage over the execution of an Italian journalist in Iraq, and was alarmed at the response, which he characterized as ''spiteful, mean, venomous, stupid comments.'' He took all of them to task: ''O.K., too many of you are just sick. Someone is killed and you turn it into your chance to spit. Grow up. Join the human race.'' He admonished one poster named ''Kat'' -- ''I guess you probably blame sunset on evil reporters.'' He banned all of them from his blog.

And then let them all back on about a week later. Funnily enough, the piece doesn't mention this.

One other proctological fact-check:

He is not of the opinion -- shared by many -- that blogs will smash old media, take over the conversation and bestride the globe like a colossus.

Man, which BuzzMachine is he reading?