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One year closes, another one opens

"What kind of a maniac puts eagles in a Christmas tree?":

One even senses that this avalanche of overwrought power worship is inspired by the very fact of George Bush's being such an obviously unworthy receptacle for such attentions. From beginning to end, the magazine behaves like a man who knocks himself out making an extravagant six-course candlelit dinner for a blow-up doll, in an effort to convince himself he's really in love.

I just really liked that metaphor. Happy new year. 2004 was a difficult year in many ways, both personal (lotta medical problems) and political (see above); let's hope for better things, as everyone always does, in the year to come. Let's keep both those serving in Iraq and those affected by the tsnuami in mind as well - give to both as generously as you can. You know where to find the necessary links.