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I wanted to mention a blog I have really been enjoying lately: WFMU's Beware of the Blog, the "blog of the freeform radio station of the nation." And how, kids. And how. Boing Boing is the sitcom version of this blog. They find the real interesting shit while BB hipoisie Cory and Xeni and Marky waste bits acting like the hoary SRL are even vaguely relevant to anyone but people obsessively refreshing the same query for ReSearch back issues on eBay.

Anyway. Aren't you glad I'm back? Guess what I was doing. I was WORKING! Jeebus, how scary.


I am very glad!

And color me boggled about that SRL fixation, but also color me sort of over BoingBoing.

Between their reinvention of the 24 hour news cycle into the "24 hour 'posted this after getting back from a bar, probably should have waited until morning to check its accuracy' correction cycle" and the rancid class-baiting every time one of them or their chums has a run-in with someone in the service sector, I'm just done.

I guess I could say something nasty about SRL being big right now because an interview Xeni did with one of them ten years ago is the last source anyone contributing to Wired can verify to any degree of certainty, but that'd be catty.