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allied: Trying to leave a comment

If you have comments, you encourage discussion, not a back-patting party. Often, we can learn more from dissent than from agreement.

Jeneane said this in regards to what I found to be a pretty snotty post over at Halley Suitt's this am. Apparently we have a new meme starting to take form amongst the non-existent A-list. The way this one goes is roughly:

People say bad things to me, and I don't like it. It makes me sad. How do you expect me to make more rich, savory posts about conference going and airport wi-fi if you keep saying bad things about me?

The first example I saw of this was a post from Joi Ito, in which he wondered out loud whether his blogging was becoming boring due to a sudden bout of self-consciousness. It actually had a certain amount of thoughtfulness to it, and wasn't just the standard "wahhhh meanies!" type deal. Unfortunately the comments to same post rapidly degraded into a ton of bloopies (blog-groupies; I can make these up all day) saying:

Joi, you rock! Don't listen to all those losers who wish they were one-billionth as kewl as you. Please visit my blog at unctuoussycophant. blogspot.com.

Though the fact that he felt compelled to write "I'm not fishing for compliments here" indicates that he knew he was going to get pretty much just that.

Then we get Halley, in the post Jeneane commented on above:

A lot of us are sick of taking the heat here in the blogosphere where every time you open your mouth, a bunch of hecklers are quick to tell you to shut up and that you're wrong.

Man, it must suck to be you. But then further along in the same whine, we get this:

That's the crux of it, the notion that we should host comments and host other people's opinions is flawed. This is not the town square, IT'S MY BLOG and the democratic "freedom of speech part" works this way ... you're not free to write nasty things here ... you're free to go start your own nasty blog and write nasty things there.

Jeebus, it's amazing to see how fast the populism and digital democracy and such devolves into this sort of "MY ball" sentiment in the presence of dissent. Even Jarvis did a version of this 2-step recently, where he told us all that he was 'Mr. Transparency" (if only) but he was only obliged to fearlessly crusade against back-room, off the record deals that didn't involve him. Why? Because it's bidness. And that's different somehow. Then they're "conversations." And nobody blogs all their conversations, right? Hoo boy. Interesting take. Transparent as mud. But wholly necessary if you're going to milk this blog thing to resuscitate your career. All of a sudden, "our new media world that we're all creating as citizens but only I'm profiting from" has borders.

Also, interestingly enough, it's sort of the next fractal level down in the media food chain. A-list makes a career out of wailing on the big bad old media. The SCMSM responds by largely ignoring the A-list. Now that the SC-A-List is itself starting to become the BigBlogs (translate: assimilated,) we get them wanting to ignore any dissent or criticism of them or their actions.

Meet the new boss, same as the old boss.


It seems like a case of "revenge of the kids who were never popular in school who suddenly find themselves with cachet out of the blue." Or, something like that.

The way I see it, everything is equal to the attention we give it. The "A-List" is "so-called" for that very reason. What (and who) is hot today can be old news tomorrow. In theory anyway, some blogrolls die hard. ;-)

Thanks for mentioning my blog "Unctuous Sycophant"! I got 3 hits today and that is teh r0x! W00t! (I am l33t, just ask my mom!)

yeah, there's nothing more pathetic than a SCAB (so-called a-list blogger) pretending to be a Man of the People. I am sure in the abstract Jeffo does indeed love the Little People.