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Ray Dee Oh Ray Dee Oh

WFMU's Beware of the Blog: Adventures In Amplitude Modulation - Part 2:

Go read this, it's interesting. That being said, let me now start another interminable rant.

WFMU's blog actually makes me glad that blogs were invented, because it really represents the kind of authentic, interesting, alternative culture created by people who are actually driven by their own curiosity. If you read that post I linked above, you'll find something much different from the way this story would be covered in boing boing or Make. Those places would be self-conscious to the point of annoyance, full of encomiums to their own amazing quirky hipness and retro-tech-fashionista taste. I'm less and less interested in the relentless coolfucking and self-promotion I see on the web than I am in seeing something that actually looks like some alternative culture that's being produced by interested, truly eccentric individuals. FMU's blog is the best example of that I've seen.

Disclaimer: I own a WFMU Chris Ware t-shirt. How half-assed am I?

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