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A hard line

Tom Watson: Dear Governor-Elect Spitzer...

Yet the Working Families Party clearly wants to keep the State Senate in Republican hands. That's why it's voted "no endorsement" in the crucial rematch between Nicholas Spano and Andrea Stewart-Cousins, when its endorsement of the Republican Spano pushed him over the top in their first race. That's why it's endorsed Republicans like John DeFrancisco, Dale Volker, and George Maziarz - all of who received dead-solid F's in the Drum Major Institute's five-year legislative scorecard measuring votes on issues vital to the middle class.
I have always voted the WFP line when possible, and had been planning on doing so this year as well. As a matter of fact, I had just said to my wife and a friend, discussing the election, (right after "Vote straight Democratic," which in NY this year is pretty much a no-brainer) "And vote for them on the Working Families line where possible." But then I ran across this post. Vote Dem, but forget the Working Families line. I like my progressives progressive.

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To set the record straight, the Working Families Party HAS NOT ENDORSED Nick Spano this election.
Look at the WFP's 2006 endorsements at http://workingfamiliesparty.org/WFPendorsements2006.html

Then, help us elect D-WF candidates to Congress and the State Senate.

Yes, but you didn't endorse Stewart-Cousins either. Did you read the linked post? Plus you did endorse him in the last e election, and you are endorsing candidates whose voting records on the issues facing working families are less than stellar. As Mr Watson says in the linked post, I'd rather elect real progressives than people who think they can deal with the Republicans. That gets us Joe Lieberman.

Your saying "WFP didn't endorse him" is a deceptive and cynical semantic trick.