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Like she should talk

Why Vegetarians Are Eating Meat | Food & Wine:

Recently, when responding to the invitation to her high-school reunion, Katzen had to make a choice between the vegetarian and the conventional meal. She checked the nonvegetarian box. "The people who requested the vegetarian meal got fettuccine Alfredo," she says. "It's a bowl full of flour and butterfat. I'd much rather have vegetables and grains and a few bites of chicken."

I'll have more to say on the numerous straw men in this article soon (part of the whole "vegetarians converted by the unstoppable power of kindly-raised meat" thing,) but for a woman whose first 2 cookbooks were mainly 5000 changes rung on a "bowl full of flour and butterfat," a statement like this is disingenous veering wildly towards the hypocritical. The original Moosewood cookbooks are the unhealthiest kind of vegetarian cooking (in stark contrast to Laurel's Kitchen), and we have Mollie Katzen to thank in large part for that fettucine Alfredo.

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