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Burrito of Doom 2.0

BuzzMachine » Blog Archive » No, Taco Bell, you come here:

"And then I am permitted only 250 words to tell them about how I used to love Taco Bell but how I’m not feeling well now after having two bites of frijoles that were soupy and strange and how I had to go back to the counter twice to get them to remake a simple grilled burrito that was falling apart and disgusting and how the employee clearly didn’t give a shit and that was why I decided I really didn’t want him feeding me today so I demanded a refund and probably won’t go back to Taco Bell for a decade or two."

One sometimes wonders whether the real allure of the Internet for people like Mr "In This Our New World" Jarvis is in its excellence as an amplifier making it possible for him to scream "This is an OUTRAGE" at the top of his virtual lungs on BOTH a hyperlocal and global basis. The man has a slight detector set to 12. He gets one bad burrito in a Taco Bell and it warrants this big of a "I am SO blogging this" snit? If he acts anything in Real Life like he does on the web, I'm astonished you can get anyone to wait on him at all. One would advise another glass of citizen sommelier-sourced Merlot to wash down a nice, horse-sized chillpill with your next Stufft [sic] Whatever.

As my sainted Mither used to say "Do you really need to make a Federal case out of this?"

PS: JJ, if I were you I'd start checking my entrees for evidence of recent expectoration.