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2 mac mysteries

OK, lazyweb and all that.

1. For some reason, on my home Powerbook, WebnoteHappy seems to continually lose my del.icio.us authorizations. I need to enter and re-enter it every hour or so. I have rebuilt permissions, offered burnt sacrifices and checked the disk. Nuttin. Frustrating.

2. On both my home and work machines, I use PathFinder, and have it set to quit Apple's Finder when it launches. Lately, instead of quitting cleanly, it quits, throws an error, and restarts. I've taken to closing all its windows and hiding it, but it's a definite kludge. If I could fix these two things I'd be in complete MacHeaven. All right, distributed IntarWeb intelligence, do your solving thing!

(sound of crickets)

mph, any ideas?

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That del.icio.us thing with WNH was killing me, too.

The thing that finally fixed it was making sure I wasn't using Quicksilver's del.icio.us plugin any longer.

Luis, the developer, gave me these steps before I worked out that Quicksilver was doing it to me:

1. Go into Keychain
2. Search for "del.i"
3. Delete all the "api.del.icio.us" entries.
4. Go into WebnoteHappy > Preferences and then set your username and password there again.

Dunno about PathFinder. It has never taken with me, as much as I've wanted it to. What do you like about it? Am I missing something extra killer beneath the stuff you get turned on by default?

Thanks for the heads up on WNH.

The thing I like the most in Path Finder is the drop shelf. I also like having the info and preview panes always open and being able to preview a number of file types without having to open them. Cocoatech makes noise about the tabbed browser, but in truth I never think to use tabs. I can't even remember how much this differs form the stock install, but there you have it.

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