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Speaking of crickets

Every now and then I need to throw up a "why I've been silent" post. Usually, I complain bitterly about the increasing careerism of the Web blah, blah,blah - it's so boring even I can't remember how it goes anymore. At the moment I'm trying to decide what to do with this blog. I currently have 2 "active" (relatively speaking) blogs, this august outlet (my snark in trade) and another over at blog.mignault.net, which I have tended to use for my more, ahem, perfessional side. While one blog you're not writing anything on is one thing, two seems like a bit much. Though, as is usually the case when I consider offing the clam, I recently paid up the domain name for another year, and it seems silly to waste that 8.95 by shuttering this clamshack. It's not like I am really anonymous here. Pretty much anybody could discover my seekrit identity in a few moments of even casual research, so it's not as though I'm afraid I'll get fired from my job as the head of the worldwide bivalve cabal which controls the media and the Gorton's fisherman.

I've tended to write this blog as my very own personal howl of protest against the high-school popularity models at the foundation of the meritocrasphere. Lately I feel like continuing to do that is just a waste of time especially since others articulate those concerns much more clearly and eloquently. I distrust almost anything that calls for the adoption of slogans and the suspension of critical thinking. I couldn't stand it in Catholicism, I couldn't stand it as a member of a labor union. When people start saying that there's something to be said for groupthink, something is terribly, terribly rotten somewhere. These days I have trouble with the Cluescooter crowd, both bloogersphere and library flavors, who send my bullshit detectors off the charts with their serial media apocalypses. And yet they sell, because people are desperate in a sensational, short-attention-span world to think that we can just buy our way into revolutionary "movements." And we are sufficiently debased by such a movement to think that a high-definition television is a "life-changing experience." 99% percent of the time the only movement you can trust comes out your ass. But that doesn't get you Berkman fellowships. Well, maybe it does.

Just a quick update on my state of mind, or lack thereof, as the case may be. As someone else has said, I just make this stuff up. Think for yourself.

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